Anniversary Walk Report 2019

A message from our chairman, Dave Toft:

“Thanks to everyone who was able to help out on Sunday – it was a great day all round. Perfect weather, good company – and the Chernobyl Children’s charity raised around £1,500!”

Around 40 people, including some sponsoring Chernobyl Children’s charity (based in Glossop), assembled at Hayfield bus station and car park. After a short address by chairman of HKTG, Dave Toft, one group set off for Kinder Edge path via Red Brook, and the rest, around 30 people set off on our Trespass Trail five mile walk.

Before descending from White Brow on the Snake Path, the area where the Mass Trespass had taken place was pointed out to the group.

On arriving at William Clough bridge we paused to watch around 200 fell runners come through, in the early stages of the annual Kinder Downfall 10 mile fell race.

Most of the walkers then decided to do an extra 2 miles around Kinder Reservoir, while the rest returned via the reservoir path and Kinder Road.

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