Keith Warrender’s New Book, ‘Forbidden Kinder’

Keith Warrender

KINDER is being
launched at the 90th Kinder
anniversary event,
Saturday 23 April
2pm at the Royal
Hotel, Hayfield.
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about the book
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Kinder –
the 1932 Mass
Trespass re-visited
By Keith Warrender
consultant editors
Roly Smith & Tom Waghorn

Kinder Scout, once an upland freely enjoyed by many, became the
forbidden mountain as grouse moor owners barred ramblers in the
1860s. There were decades of campaigning by walkers to re-open
the moors but the landowners remained intransigent.
Frustrated by the lack of progress in gaining access, the British
Workers’ Sports Federation led a protest onto the slopes of Kinder
resulting in five ramblers being jailed. This event, ninety years ago,
has become an iconic moment in the campaign for the right to
roam wild places.
FORBIDDEN KINDER traces the beginnings of the idea for the
1932 Mass Trespass and examines the ramblers’ confrontation
with the keepers and its aftermath in the fullest and most
comprehensive account ever published. The book also details,
in the largest collection ever assembled, the lives of the young
men and women who faced the wrath of the authorities to help
make this spectacular moorland free for all to enjoy.
The author also reviews the claims and criticism of the Trespass.
Articles by other writers give a new understanding of those who
owned and maintained the grouse moors.
The final chapter has the reminiscences and thoughts on the future
of Kinder by key figures in the walking and countryside world.
ISBN 9780946361489
Willow Publishing, 36 Moss Lane, Timperley
Altrincham, Cheshire WA15 6SZ