Mass Trespass plaque - Bowden Bridge quarry car-park, Hayfield.
Mass Trespass plaque – Bowden Bridge quarry car-park, Hayfield.

John Harvey Jackson

John Harvey Jackson was 18 when he participated in the mass trespass in 1932. Three years later he joined the Derbyshire Police Force. He died in 2000.

This account was written by John Harvey Jackson’s son Peter, in 2012. Peter chose to write this account in the form of the first person, in the way his father told him. Peter Jackson is a retired police officer, who has also been a voluntary warden with the Peak Park for 40 years.

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Leslie William Hurley (1906-1983)

Les Hurley was a keen rambler and regularly trespassed on Kinder Scout throughout the 1920s with members of his Sheffield rambling group The Bloodhound Club.

He participated in the Mass Trespass in 1932 when he was 25 along with his brother Lol who was 23. Les can be seen in one trespass photo with Lance Helman.

Kinder Downfall
Mad Woman's Stones
Mad Woman’s Stones

He worked in the Sheffield steel industry all his working life, either at William Jessop’s or Vickers on Brightside Lane. He campaigned actively for access to the countryside till the end of his life.

After his death in 1983, his brother Lol discovered a journal from 1928 describing their rambles and trespasses on Kinder.

Read Leslie Hurley’s Journal

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